Washashore by Suzanne Goldsmith


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About the author:

Suzanne Goldsmith grew up in Massachusetts. During high school, she lived alone in a cottage on Martha's Vineyard for a summer while working in an art gallery. She loves the Island and spends time there every summer. Suzanne is also the author of A City Year, about an internationally-known service program based in Boston. She lives in Ohio with her family. This is her first novel.

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This year, everything changes for Clementine Harper.

Fourteen-year-old Clementine has left her city life in Boston to spend the winter on Martha’s Vineyard. She’s what the locals call a “Washashore” (WASH-a-shore) … someone who has come to live on the island but isn’t from there. An outsider.

Clem doesn’t have any friends and doesn’t fit in. Her mom and dad aren’t getting along. Coco, her best friend, is three hours away.

But then Clem finds a fallen bird—an osprey—on the beach. And she meets a lonely boy named Daniel. 

And everything changes …


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A love story surrounded by this beautiful island—Martha’s Vineyard—with its fragile shores and enduring birds. A tender-hearted story that calls out to save what we love so much.
— Carly Simon, Grammy Award-winning singer & songwriter
The prose brings to life the era of the 1970s, but Goldsmith’s themes are timeless and will resonate with teens and adults alike.
— Lisa Klein, award-winning author of Ophelia, Lady MacBeth's Daughter, and Cate of the Lost Colony
An adventure story in every sense of the word—the adventure, especially, of coming of age on an aging planet.
— Bill McKibben, founder, 350.org and author of Eaarth, The End of Nature and Deep Economy